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Ah Monday again….blah, blah, blah. Get that strong cup or two or three of java, and the day in all its glory has begun. By 11am you start to day dream, stare at your computer screen of that faraway place you wish you were at instead of where you are currently sitting. Seems like a dream, seems like a goal too lofty to achieve some days as the demands of life set in. When I was young I had the most vivid dreams of traveling the world. At least they felt real to me. I always knew deep down that I was meant to travel in some aspect, see the world, and explore new people, cultures and countries. As a young adult it was no longer a lofty and unachievable dream that a young girl from the suburbs of Philly living in SOFLA could make happen. Let me tell you what traveling around the world by the time I was 23 did for me, and in turn what it can do for you!!!

I recently came across an article from www.FORBES.com explaining the profound affects traveling can have on entrepreneurs and more importantly the entrepreneurs in the world which we live in today. This really resonated with me and my own story. For the people who do not know, I was fortunate to have worked with an athlete in my early 20’s where my job entailed a lot of travel and very busy work schedule. Weeks at a time I would be gone traveling the U.S. and the globe for that matter. It truly was an experience of a lifetime and something that has shaped me into the individual I am today in the most amazing way. I saw life differently, knew what I wanted and became extremely focused on the goals in which I set, more then I already was. It was like a fire was set in my life that would not stop burning and still burns strong today.

Let’s first take a step back, when I traveled, there was NO iPHONE!!! Yeah you heard me right, no iPHONE, no Samsung Galaxy, no Instagram, not even Facebook or Myspace existed yet. Can you even remember that far back?!?! LOL! The way in which we all operate our day-to-day activities and our lives was and is very different. People were not able to work as remotely as they can now, and for certain could not post and share their lives in the manner that we can and do now. Times have changed, we can now travel and run businesses remotely, manage staff and partnerships by many forms of communication that has been created in only the last 10-12 years. The game has changed enabling us more convenient ways to live, and thus creating jobs and new income sources helping more and more people become entrepreneurs. Even with The Hub we work remotely by means of Skype and Facetime to conduct a lot of our meetings.

Let’s really look into just a few of the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the globe in search of new ways to do a myriad of tasks it takes to effectively run any business, let alone the personal growth you can attain from travel. Communication in life is important, and to effectively communicate to friends, family in our personal lives as well as business partners, staff, clients, vendors is a major key to success. When you travel and meet new people, you learn to communicate in different ways than what is normal to you. It will open your mind, and help you adapt to changes more effectively and learn new ways to conduct business. We do not all communicate and receive communication in the same ways. Learning other cultures can assist in the ability to be a more efficient communicator. Learning new ideas in other countries may help you enhance a current venture or inspire you to create something new altogether. What about the real networking potential that can come from traveling?!?! We all know how we feel here about networking and making connections, and how that can assist you personally and professionally. Your experiences and connections from traveling will shape you into a better leader.

Traveling at such a young age I believe propelled me into being an entrepreneur and sticking with that lifestyle, because no matter what anyone tells you it is indeed a lifestyle in which you will live. The exploration of new cultures, locations and exhilarating new experiences I had was my addiction. It taught me so many things I have been able to apply to my life now. The connections in the relationships I was able to build was special as well, and I am blessed to have friends across the globe to this day.

Traveling, however for many may seem out-of-reach, but then again a lot of things in life can be without a plan, action and faith. Just like when I was a kid around 9 years old having dreams of traveling and telling my Mom I would be taking those trips someday, I didn’t know how, who, or when. I just knew in my heart I had to and I would……and I did!!! Remember life is something that happens once you step outside of your comfort zone. You have to take the first step because life is meant to be LIVED not for you to merely exist!!! No dream is too big, no passion too crazy to pursue, and no trip too lofty to make happen!!! That passport collecting dust may be your key to renewed success and you may find yourself in the process! Go get that passport stamped!

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub

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