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As a film & media production house we are the storytellers that bring vision and ideas to life. We work with individuals, businesses and even women running for office looking to make an impact in a unique and innovative way. We can create small to larger productions and documentaries to shine a light on the important and current issues we as a community are facing. We have the ability to create and host a show dedicated to you and your message in addition to making sure your multi-media design and messaging are in sync.

Stories of impact is where we feel most at home.


What We Offer
  • Documentary / Docuseries and Short Films – Directing, Writing and Creative Production
  • Video Production – Commercials, brand testimonials, pilot series, short films, campaign videos, behind the scenes work, company or individual storytelling. From the inception of the creative process we take care of all the prep, film and produce an end result that matches your brand, your message and your story
  • FULL creative production – Writing, creative direction, producing, interviewing, and overall strategy 
  • Hosting – special events, panels, red carpet and interviewing
  • Digital talk show creator – for individuals, businesses, and candidates.
  • The hub digital show series – welcoming applicants and sponsorships
  • Radio show producer – creating and obtaining guests and topics
  • Consulting & Producing – we work with you on making any existing project better including working on pre-production items
  • All multi-media desiging – from websites and graphics to messaging and strategy to make sure your branding and communications are in sync
  • Candidates running for office – we can make sure your voters know your platform and what you stand for. Storytelling is your secret weapon and we can strategize in the most efficient and creative way while working with your team

Work With us?