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Can’t knock the hustle- We are on the heels of sharing some tips to get your side hustle and business going on, friend to The Hub, Kate Volmans Facebook Live show on Inspired action.  I wanted to dive a little deeper into the topic. A topic I have focused much of my life and business development on over a decade.

Humans are very complex creatures. What we like and are obsessed with on Monday, we feel is a fad by Friday. It’s human nature, and likewise I cannot fathom how and why we would want to be passionate, curious and involved in one thing, one business or one idea  your entire life without trying something else? It’s not in our nature and we sometimes get forced to live inside a box, to follow and tow the line on how a “good life” is supposed to look like.

Here are my tips to consider BEFORE, you give your job the preverbal middle finger, start fleeing for what you think are greener pastures and head into the blissful unknown.


  •      Prep & Plan for a less bumpy landing…

Yes fail to plan means plan to fail here. Before you leave that job or career you think you hate so much, you owe it to yourself to start here first. What does prepping and planning look like? Well it will be different for everyone and dependent on what arena you are looking to get into. We live in what I feel is the best time to consider being an entrepreneur and business owner. Data, analytics, and social media that allows us access to millions of consumers is at our finger tips at a moments notice. You can research and plan so much from the comfort of your own home. This is very important, YOU MUST MAP OUT YOUR FUTURE, literally map it out!!! What does it look like? Research and see if it your idea is viable, if it something you can do while still working, and something you can build upon. Oh, here’s a novel idea, is it something you will want and like to do???? If you’re already unhappy in your current position, don’t look to being an entrepreneur to cure all of your ills. It takes a certain type of person to be an entrepreneur, and make sure building your side hustle is something you see yourself doing and building. Write out all of your ideas, the action of taking what is inside your brain and putting it onto paper is powerful. Until you are brave enough to state what you want, write it down, and make a conscience plan to execute you cannot and should not move forward. Let’s get organized in 3,2,1!


  • Find a mentor and someone smarter than you…

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. You cannot and will not go anywhere in life if you are not growing and learning and getting better in anything. Especially if you intend on starting and building a business. At THE HUB, we are huge proponents of getting a mentor and someone that can guide you along the way. SCORE is a great option that has been a useful friend and ally in starting the HUB! There are a myriad of  free webinars (or for a minimal cost) you can take at your local SCORE office.  Sign up and have them match you with a mentor for FREE! Attend networking events in the field you want to explore in your area, and start talking to other business owners and ask some questions. Will everyone be helpful? No maybe not everyone you meet is willing to be a source of information, but that also doesn’t mean you stop trying. Listen, absorb and learn from the people around you. Seek the answers and you will find them.


  • Use what you got and what you already know…

You are smarter than you may even realize. Use the tools you have already honed and are skilled in to your advantage. Don’t think you have anything of use and value? I beg to differ, take my own career in Real Estate for instance. Oh you think I just show houses? No that is actually the smallest part of my job. At any point in one day I can be a marketing executive, an editor, a social media advisor, an administrator, a therapist or relationship expert, a high-level contract negotiator, a home inspector and manager….just to name  few. Quite honestly I have used everyone of those tools to my advantage in starting a business. It doesn’t matter where you are, start thinking of what you are already good at and use it in your arsenal to get you where you want to go. A stay-at-home Mom of 2? Perfect you are skilled at time-management, organization, multi-tasking and listening just to name a few. Perfect for getting organized and the prepping and planning stage of getting your ideas together. No excuses, you have hidden talents you can use.



If you are offended by profanity but are not offended by not living the life you were meant to live, then THE HUB IS NOT the place for you. Sorry, but that is the absolute truth. You can read as much as you want, prep and plan all you want, but if you are not willing to at minimum do the above, execute and act, then you are wasting your time. If that burning desire that there is something else out there for you and your passion is what you were meant to do isn’t a constant nagging daily thought, then nothing I or Gary Vee or even Oprah says will ever matter. At the end of the day, it is just a bunch of feel good quotes and words to make you feel motivated for short periods of time to get you through the day or week. Executing when the feeling passes is what KEEPS you successful, not just starts your success. There is a major difference remember that!! Being a business owner in any capacity will take a different part of you so start the process and habits now.

Here is the full video from Kate Volmans Facebook Live Inspired Action on how to get your side hustle on! Stay tuned as Kate Volman will be our guest on Make Your Room Happen on September 14th!!!

Check out our Facebook show page in the MYRH link above….

P.s. New posts coming so stay tuned…..Next up, entrepreneur ranting and No F$cks given!!! Yessss




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