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Happy Friday!!!!

What an honor to have Nichole Sylvester on the Make Your Life Happen show this week!!!

OH SHIFT!!! A Journey From Chaos To Consciousness!!!

Valuable life lessons and some REAL TALK for YOU today!!!! My fellow #phillygirl not only kept it real, she wants you to as well to really LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!!!!

Let’s dig deep and get honest…NO LIKE REALLY HONEST!!!

Read this book in ONE DAY because we could not put it down!!! Totally support her and her work in this world!!! Get to know her and you’ll be just as inspired….WE PROMISE!!!

Please follow her journey she will be in #PHILLY and #NYC for live events soon you can check her out LIVE!!! You may even catch her in West Palm soon!!!

Head to her site and see her work www.nicholesylvester.com 

Show will be posted also on our iTunes pages just look for our show title!!! Thanks for following and subscribing, following and supporting us!!!

You can also listen LIVE every FRIDAY night on True Oldies FLA95.9/106.9FM and on iHeartRadio Amazon Echo and TuneIn apps from your phone from anywhere for your OFFICIAL HAPPY Hour!!!

You are one idea away from making an impact and changing the work around you!!