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We may not agree on everything in life, but I’m guessing we can all agree on this one thing. Regret is a Mutha! In any shape or form regret leaves you with a sharp pain in your gut, and a lump in your throat not so easily diminished. Whether big or small, having a form of regret on decisions made or passed, opportunities crushed or lost can shape the person you are if you let it.

The hard truth is we are not promised tomorrow, no matter how many advanced tickets you buy for trips, or plans you make months in advance, we walk this earth thinking we have time. The one thing we do not have on our side is time. We save the good dishes for company that never comes to visit, the bottle of champagne for the special occasions, and the vacation for when time is absolutely right! For when you don’t have too much going on at work, and life is a little bit more settled. Why the wait? More like why not the rush???

The reality is the time is NOW, not tomorrow, next month or next year! Congratulations if you woke up today, that alone is a blessing we take for granted, myself included. You don’t have to go big or go home, but you can make small changes towards a better life not living in reget!


Here are 5 things to do today!

1.) Go see your favorite band, artist, performer LIVE! As the daughter of a musician, I can tell you that nothing beats live music and the energy that surrounds a concert. Grab a group of friends who enjoy the same music or enjoy experiencing new things and go see it LIVE! Even if you have to travel a little to experience the magic even better! ROAD TRIP! Been there and done that and have the shirts and pics to match! Memories made are memories kept forever so go start making some! My best memories are of the concerts and festivals with friends and the music and laughs that came with it! Nothing like it, go do it!!!



2.) TRAVEL!!!! YES people, traveling is so easy nowadays and you can be a vactionista just like that! There’s a whole world out there and experiencing new things, places, cultures, people and languages can only make you better, smarter and give you better perspective in life! Get out there and explore! Feel getting out of the country is too big a task?  It isn’t, however you can still explore all this country of our has to give! The moral of the story is to JUST GO!!!! No excuses book that trip! Why do you work this hard? To enjoy happy hour at the same bar or club? I think not, get out there and do it! Traveling abroad is super easy and affordable now and the benefits of traveling are endless on what it can bring and add to your life!


3.) QUIT THAT JOB!!! I know this may be tough and less feasible for some, but think of this. Where there is a will there is a way. If you want change in your life you may have to spend some time doing what no one else will do, so that you can do whatever the hell you want to do! Whats the alternative? Waking up 10-20-30 years from now wishing you did something about your situation instead of woulda, coulda, shoulda!!! Make a plan and execute on it. Heres where a leap of faith and JUMPING comes into play! If there is even a small inkling that you are meant for more and that your current circumstances is not your final destination…..then get to it! Theres no time like the present to lay your foundation and groundwork for a better tomorrow, life and ultimately a better you with less regret 10 years from now!


4.) Spend time with the people who make you laugh, make you think, make you smile, challenge you to be and do better, and ultimately make you a better person. Life is so short, why are we spending it with a$$holes, and people who do not make us happy or feel good? Stop taking time away from the people who matter the most and start spending it with the ones that do! Start making better memories with your day 1’s! Friends are the family we get to choose, so choose wisely. If your friends aren’t your biggest cheerleaders then, well you need new friends. As you get older and realize how precious time really is, you acknowledge that there is nothing better than laughing at inside jokes with friends and family and planning for future events and memory making experiences. Don’t wait until it is too late to spend the TIME, and spend it with them while they are here.



5.) Learn something new! Whether it’s a new language, skill or craft, educate yourself and learn it. Here’s the kicker, do it for the hell of it and because you always wanted to but were afraid or felt you didn’t have the time. Now, make the time and do it! Learning is a lifetime role we should play into. Learning is part of the journey so relish the chance to learn something new! Go order your rosetta stone, learn that new language then book your trip and try out what you have learned while on vacation! Look into your local schools and colleges and see what classes they have open. Local non-profits have webinars for all types of subjects, nows your chance to check them out….just because! Sites like www.skillshare.com and www.Lynda.com are great ways to learn from the comfort of your own home! No excuses to give this a try.



Regret, it’s a MUTHA! But hopefully you can start implementing however small a change towards a better, more free  lifestyle, open to new experiences and doing what you love to do more often! So here’s to opening that bottle of champagne on an ordinary Tuesday night for dinner, here’s to using the good dishes because every day should be a special occasion, and to wearing that special dress to dinner and planning that trip you have always wanted to take! Preferably the trip with people who make the experience a trip to remember!

What are some of the things you have done that brought you out of your comfort zone, and something you have always thought about and you just decided to JUMP?!?!? Share your experiences below with The Hub and our community!

This is the NO REGRETS ZONE!



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