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Its getting stuffy in here. Like can’t breathe get me outta here kind of stuffy. Sweating under the collar (or tunic for the fashionistas reading) kind of deal. With being a women in business for many years (Ahem, 13) at a young age,  you had to act a certain way, dress a certain way, conduct business a certain way and please by NO means, be yourself.  Insert a decade, a millennial or two, a plethora of social media sites, youtube stars and wala! Being yourself may, just may, be cool again….and yes even in business. Actually especially in business.

There’s a real fine line between being yourself and being professional. That line is different with every individual, depending on what it is that you do and the norms you feel pulled to follow for your profession. If you cannot express yourself in any part of your work/life, then how can you ever set yourself, your business and your value apart? You cannot is the answer here.  There was a time, and it may still exist in some areas, where Realtors like myself  could not be ourselves, we had to play a role as a salesperson only. The old school way of sales and the term “how its always been done,” is a fight we still fight. Sales is sales, but with the progression of the Internet, social media and the booming business of being an entrepreneur showing a little personality can set yourself apart from the thousands of other agents or businesses in your area. ( P.s. Realtors are the REAL OG’s of being entrepreneurs before it was cool, lol )

So what can you do to spice up your business, not be so stuffy and let your personality shine? Specifically, it depends on your business and industry, and it is also dependent on the individual and how they like to express themselves. If you are an entrepreneur and a business owner like myself, you ARE your business and your business is YOU. You are the face, the brains the whole enchilada, remember that. Entrepreneurs and business owners have an advantage where they can utilize social media platforms and modern business practices to their advantage. Here are just a few tools you can utilize to capitalize on letting your personality shine in business and with little effort make YOU the ultimate branding tool!

1.) GET INVOLVED! Network, mix it up, go out into your community and meet people, let them know who you are, what you do and show them a different side of you. People are drawn to realness, not carbon copies produced in mass quantities. The more you get out there and get to know people the better chance you have of people understanding you and how you alone set your business apart.

2.) How you dress says a lot about you. There are many ways to be professional, yet fun and interesting. Find what works for you and do it. Style is literally an extension of yourself and your personality. Why not use that to your advantage?  Depending on your profession, why not spice up your wardrobe a little? Accessorize a little more if your thing is adding fun pieces. How about shoes? Say no more right?!?! For example, I LOVE shoes, and people around me know that. Why?! Its become almost part of my brand now. Its also fun and allows me to express myself which is what we are trying to accomplish here. Here are some ideas from Nordstroms that hit the mark on options to consider. Not the best at putting an outfit together or accessorizing? Well thank you Internet! Just google ideas and search!!! www.Nordstroms.com 

3.) The use of social media for branding businesses in a fun and expressive way for little to no money is the best thing you can have going for you. This is where you and your personality can not only shine but you can utilize and incorporate that into your business. If you are the owner what better way than to use  video and pictures to express yourself and market and brand your business. This will also allow people to get to know you, maybe your hobbies and relate more to you. It’s a win-win if used correctly.

Look at the end of the day you cannot please everyone, and you are not everyone’s cup of tea, thats ok. Pick something you love to do and something that really allows you to express yourself. There most definitely is a way to incorporate that into business to make life a little more interesting and more important business not so stuffy. Mission accomplished!

For all of my Realtors out there? Our business is changing everyday, and as a 13 year vet I have definitely seen the ups and downs and the modernization of the business itself. Social media is our friend that we can use and operate how we see fit. If Ryan Serhant can have fun on Million Dollar listing, be a multi-million dollar producer 10 times over, still be professional, add value and customer service to his clients than so can you! Find your niche and go for it! Its not business as usual anymore……!!!

Comment and let us know what you do to make work more fun and let your personality shine! Lets build our community!!



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