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#BORNANDMADE– We are all born with a unique and genius talent within us, a purpose to fulfill while we are on earth. Let me repeat that, ALL OF US! It is up to us to figure out what that is and not die with a unique gift inside hidden and lost. When we are young we dream big dreams without any hindrances, and share our visions of how are lives will be without any interruptions of blunt reality. Until, either that reality or people come to shake our inner peace and feeling of self worth. At what point does that shift happen from self-love to negative self awareness and the awareness of the judgment around us? What if their was a glimmer of hope? An organization to start at the heart of the issue…..our young girls! Making our young girls, their self love, self worth, and well-being a priority in a safe environment.

Insert the Carols Daughter #BornandMade campaign in support of I am That girl! “A support organization to help transform young girls self doubt into self love and helping shift the current culture and reality in which our youth lives in today. Raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world.” A community where they are seen, heard and can belong is powerful and a movement in its own right! Imagine the power being created within these girls, making for a more powerful future generation. At what point did you feel it wasn’t okay to be exactly who you are? Teen-adolescent years? High School? Hmm, sadly maybe earlier in life you subconsciously started to think these types of negative thoughts. Unfortunately, this happens to about 99% of us, especially young girls, and sometimes sadly the judgement comes from their peers. That can all change but change needs to start somewhere as a seed and then blossom and grow into a powerful unstoppable movement. By focusing and mentoring on leadership development, emotional intelligence, professional skills, and personal growth these girls can and will be unstoppable. A donation of just $65 will sponsor a girl through the program for an entire year. Done! We spend that usually on a night out so why not do something meaningful and make a difference?!

The future generation will be our leaders, our difference makers and if we do not tend to this generation they what will we have? What are we teaching them to be? How to treat others? Girls need a safe and welcoming environment to learn, to feel it is ok to be themselves so they too can shine! Think you can be an awesome mentor and sponsor? This is the perfect way to give back and join a campaign to make a difference. Maybe you know the perfect 14-22 year old to start a chapter or join an already existing chapter to help give them wings. Perfect! Sign up! You can talk about it or you can actually do the work. You don’t need millions to make a difference your time is a worthwhile investment alone.

It takes a powerhouse entrepreneur like Lisa Price the creator and founder of Carol’s Daughter to make a difference by supporting and promoting organizations like this. Her dream became a reality as she turned a passion for beauty into a multi-million dollar business recently picked up by L’oreal. Yes!!!!! A powHERhouse in her own right, she solely proves how a passion can be your pathway to living the life of your dreams! From making products in her kitchen and selling them at markets on the weekend, and to the success we see today. A shining example to emulate, that you can follow that journey at any age, from any background and location with perseverance and faith in your goals.  What most people do not realize is that Lisa Price has been at this venture for more than 20 years. Patience is a virtue, there is no such thing as overnight success. When all else seems impossible, just remember to keep progressing forward, working and taking action and have faith your dreams will come to fruition.

I am That Girl combined with Carols Daughter is the inspiration a movement needs to grow wings and gain momentum. Just the kind of #WCW we love around here at The Hub! Lisa Price is an example of perseverance and strength young girls and women need to see to combat the mixed messages they see on a daily basis. Head over to bornandmade and see other stories and post your own!

Spread the word, join in and take part in something special.

It is essential that we invest in each other, know that we are all apart of the bigger picture and our worth is absolutely priceless!

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub