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Feminism, that word alone can spark passionate debates in the world today. Equal pay and equal rights over our decisions and our bodies is something we should all be fighting for. Sometimes you hear just women talking about the topic, and not so much men speaking passionately about the rights for women, until now. It is not everyday that you get the joy of your President proudly calling himself a feminist.  President Obama penned an essay for Glamour Magazine that is personal and in depth on the real issues at hand today. Written from not just the Presidents point-of-view on the issues, but in the shoes of a father and husband in our country and son of a single mother.  Before we go any further lets set something straight. Equality for all is not a political issue as some may have you believe. No, it in fact is a right and wrong issue plain and simple. Inequality of any kind is simply wrong!

The article raises a bigger question with regards to equality of the sexes, and that is men’s role in equality for women. It was refreshing to see the most important and respected man in the world views on women’s rights and equality of the sexes. We see a lot of women championing the rights of the cause, and you can hear men speak on the issue, but not this poignantly expressed about the reality of the situation. He gave insightful thoughts about what he experiences versus what his wife and daughters experience. Especially two young women entering college and eventually the modern work force. Expressing what he saw his wife and first lady, Michelle Obama go through as a working mother and wife and the stigma of being a working mother.

At the end of the day we as women cheer other women on, support women in their endeavors and urge them to live the life they were destined to live. What we sometimes forget to mention is how men have a role in equality, starting with fathers in how they raise their girls. In the essay the President calls himself a feminist so that his daughters know what to expect from other males. Brilliant and very true, our Fathers are usually our first real expectation of men. In the essay he states “we need to change the attitude that we raise our girls to be demure and boys assertive.” The conversation moving forward should include young boys, and how they are raised. Fathers, husbands, boyfriends, men in positions of power in the workplace, and that’s just to start.

So, ask yourself do you believe in equality and in this case equality of the sexes?! Well then congratulations you’re a feminist too! Welcome…..

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Nicole L. Rymer

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