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Riana is a #1 Best Selling author, Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, Licensed/Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.


Riana is wildly successful in assisting singles and couples alike in living a freer more fulfilling life once they recognize the issues from the past that is affecting their current relationship!! Could this be you?!?! The truth is, most of us have some unresolved issues that need to be addressed! Isn’t is about time to go to the “heart” of the issue and live your BEST LIFE?!?! For those who want to work with Riana and purchase some of her books and materials please reach out to this amazing woman!!!


Listen in on the top 10 traumas that could be affecting you! Stay tuned as Riana will be doing After The Show with us in our new filming studio at Contemporary Living in The Lake Park Arts District!!! Details will be released soon as you can be apart of the audience for this show!!!

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