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It’s not just a song, a melody to sing, or a dance step to mimic. No, in fact it is a movement, a tribe and group of women that is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Who is this force you ask??? Look no further then the MODERN SINGLE WOMAN! Don’t believe me? I recently was not only inspired to share an article that I read from NYMAG by Rebecca Traister’s book named exactly that “ALL THE SINGLES LADIES”, but also write about it and share my own personal experiences and those of my peers.

Times have indeed changed, and it is something that we cannot ignore anymore. The article from NYMAG in reference to the single, unmarried woman becoming more the norm then ever before in any past generation. As a single and unmarried woman myself, I can completely relate to the article. You can almost feel it; the landscape is and has changed. What was normal when I was growing up and in past generations, is not as normal anymore… consider this the new normal. As someone with pretty strong female influences in my life, not having to adhere to someone’s idea of how I should live my life was something instilled in me at a young age, and judging from the article derived by Rebecca Traister’s book, I am not alone. Again, the new normal.

On the heels of International Women’s Day and the talk regarding the pay gap between men and women makes this a more serious and interesting topic of discussion. The article is insightful and covers the gamut for this group and how it relates to the current political scene and upcoming election. The reality is, I know more women in my situation then not, and definitely more then my Mother’s generation and generations before would have encountered. As the article states, nearly 60% of women were wed by the time they were 29 in 1960, and now that number has dropping to a staggering 20%!! That statistic is proof enough that times have changed, but yet certain questions remain. Has society changed or the theory of and marriage itself changed? Those questions alone spur a million conversations. The article articulates how each decade and generation for that matter had evolved to bring us to this point and circumstance.

In speaking at length about this topic to my friends, and as recently in the last week alone, it is not that this fierce group isn’t interested in marriage or healthy relationships… that’s definitely not the case. Their priorities and ideals for their careers, what they set out to accomplish personally or professionally in life and dating alone seem to not mesh so easily together like they used to. It isn’t easy out there in the dating world, and I can safely say that my single friends are genuinely happy and self sufficient career women who can stand on their own two feet in the meantime. Bridging that gap, ultimately enjoying life and making their way in their own respective careers to support and help their family and make a way and name for themselves proudly. It is definitely more prevalent today then ever before and why the debate on the gap in pay for women is so important.

With the impending election, I think this will be a much talked about topic concerning the pay gap and equality for women not just in the work place but on a more personal level. I think the most rewarding thing we can take away since starting The PowHer Hub is the amazing women we have had the opportunity to meet along the way from so many backgrounds and careers. As we have said many times before, a tribe of thought-provoking, innovative, hard working women who have a voice that needs to be heard.. The connections we have made have been the most fulfilling, spurring a myriad of exciting collaborations to come. Some of those outstanding women we are working with are in the same boat, but are making waves changing lives personally and professionally. All the while not living a life that is defined by what society norms tell them they need to be or how to be at certain ages pressuring them into a specific category. That is truly inspiring us at The PowHer Hub.

So to the single, taken, married, complicated, given up, not quite sure, who knows, don’t ask……keep pushing and making those waves!!!

To read this article in its entirety please click this link http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/02/political-power-single-women-c-v-r.html

Nicole L. Rymer

The PowHer Hub

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