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SURPRISE!!! You know nothing. Thanks for coming by!! Okay Okay, in all seriousness as my instructor told me the first day of Real Estate class, when you get licensed “You’re dangerous at best.” He was right, you passed a few tests, however, you know nothing and the reality is now the real work beginsAnd work is exactly what Real Estate is my friends in no uncertain terms.  As I mentioned in my latest article Stuff This you are your business and your business is you. The other side of this story is that you do have to treat this as YOUR business. If you think winging it or part-timing it will make you successful and a top producer, please think again.

This is one of the toughest businesses to deal with and thrive in. Not impossible, but let’s just say very different than most professions out there. We deal with numerous people and personalities for ONE deal to exert all of our energy to get it closed. Sometimes we are therapists, friends and sometimes we are like the cleanup batter in baseball coming to clean up everyone’s mess to win the game. We fight to do right by our clients and try to prove value when in actuality the agents who cut corners and are averse to putting in the same level of work that full-time agents do, are the individuals who make the industry harder. The appearance that Realtors have lunch everyday, take a few calls, send a few emails, wait for a closing to happen is a sad and false reality. The work that we put in is not for the faint of heart, and requires a different side of you to make this work.  Nothing, and I mean nothing goes smoothly. Those deals are few an far between and even those deals will most certainly have some hiccups along the way.

Learning and training, just as in life itself is never ending. As a 13 year vet, there are situations that arise that are new and even I  need assistance on. The business itself is evolving just as markets, the economy and the world. Training and a thirst for knowledge can help you have longevity in this business, so utilize that. Find a company that backs you, wants you to succeed and has all the tools you will need readily available at your fingertips. New and know nothing? Make sure you learn all you can from agents and trainers in your office who have been there and done that.  At Keyes  you cannot go “out in the filed” without a trainer next to you for your first few deals. What a valuable resource, and I can tell you the deals you do with agents that are not trained, not knowledgeable are some of the toughest to get through. You are dealing with people in a manner that will test your patience and emotions. Not knowing what you are doing will not only put more strain on your customer, but the other parties involved actually doing their jobs.

I am not trying to scare anyone, just trying to have some real conversations about what to expect …..when expecting. Being a Realtor has opened many doors for me, taught me so much about life and more important about myself. You are a brand ambassador, a top level marketing and AD exec, a supreme negotiator, a juggler of people, personalities and tasks just to name a few on any given day. Your 9:00am will look nothing like your 6:00pm and your hustle will be what sets you apart. Unless you dig deep and dive right in you just  won’t be able understand.

Can you be a part-time Realtor? Depends on your intentions and motivations, sure  if you are willing to be serious, provide service, educate yourself on the evolving business and market we are in then yes you absolutely can!  If you treat it any other way, you do not add value to the industry but  hurt it instead. Remember, Realtors are the REAL OG’S of being entrepreneurs! So get out there and go get em!



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